Trade Jockey

Trade Jockey provides one-on-one mentorship to individuals, teaching them how to use and trade stocks on the most popular trading platforms while providing guidance to create a financial investing roadmap that meets their customers' present and future financial needs.

Project Objective

Before starting this project, the first objective I had to complete was helping the client determine which target audience would benefit their reach the most. After doing some research, I determined that women in their late 20s to early 30s would be the most beneficial target audience. As of 2018, only 44% of women investing their money outside of a retirement fund but in 2021 that number was up to 67% with the average age of women opening a brokerage account at 30. My second objective for this project was to create a website that guided users to the online form to allow the client to reach out to users to set up a plan that fits their needs.

Knowledge Utilized

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Logo Design

Home Page

For the Hero Section of the home page, I continue to establish the positive increase the users could see in their finances by using Trade Jockey through the brand's colors and message. First, I emphasize that this is a custom educational program by starting the Hero text off with "Learn How To Control Your Own...". Then I finish it with "...Financial Future." in green text to help continue to emphasize that Trade Jockey could be an added benefit to their financial success. To accomplish the second objective for this project, to guide the user to fill out a form so my client could contact them to establish their personal plan, I added the button below the Hero text that says "Take Control Now" also in green to establish a positive view and relationship between Trade Jockey, "...Financial Future." and this call to action.

For the Course Section, I wanted to provide a snapshot of the three pillars of the program that the user could choose to focus on and provide them a link to the course page that would provide greater detail for organic traffic to the website. As my main goal is to get the user to fill out the form and I knew that my client would be promoting Trade Jockey, I wanted to keep this section brief for those that have already determined that Trade Jockey aligns with their goals through connections such as word-of-mouth, social media or email marketing.

For the form, I provided a brief statement that explains how the process will work while also setting the background to the Trade Jockey green to provide a visual mark that this is where the user’s financial future begins connecting all instances of the color and relevant call to actions being used throughout the website to this form.

Once the form has been sent, a notification that the user’s information has been sent appears below the submit button. Adding this notification lets the user know that their information went through the same way when a customer purchases something from Amazon; they get a confirmation message of their purchase so they don’t assume it didn’t go through.

To promote traffic to the website, I created a Newsletter page where the client could provide a weekly newsletter that gave a general incite into what he perceived were indicators in the stock market to look at for the coming week. Adding this to the website allows the client to establish credibility, provides resources to current and future clients, and helps boost search engine optimization through platforms such as Google with continued traffic to the website.

Course Page

For the Course Page, my main goal was to allow the target audience to better understand that this is a custom program that revolves around their current and future financial situation and objectives. As the customer is entitled to choose one or more of the pillars of the program to focus on, I decided to alternate the image and text orientation while creating illustrations that match the specific pillar and represent a different period of their life that those or all the pillars could benefit them in attaining their goals. Since the customer can choose one or more of the pillars to focus on, I included a link to the form with the call to action, “Start Learning” For this link, I wanted to mimic the message of starting something that would be a net positive for the customer as seen on the call to action from the hero section on the home page.

Newsletter Page

I wanted to keep the Newsletter Page simple, allowing for a basic description of the type of information the user could expect for the newsletter of the week. For my client, I created a template in which he could have a consistent set of information for current or future clients while allowing him to have a consistent brand design.